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Our reason for being

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Our values

Founded in 2012, CEO Infinitas is a consultancy firm born from three passions and three overriding values.

Passion for Learning: We understand that the only way a person or organization can develop, sustain and achieve success is through his/its eternal dissatisfaction on learning. We are lifelong learners, and we always will be so. We are curious by nature, we take relevant risks and put ourselves faced with enormous challenges. We understand that, this way, we will be increasingly more skilled and prepared to serve our customers in an entirely different way.

Passion for Entrepreneurship: We believe that entrepreneurship moves people, groups, teams, companies, countries. To be an Entrepreneur is to create something new, to act in a non-expected way, to take people and ideas to implementation, to make something imaginary into real, palpable. We believe that a leader’s main function is to lead people to a place where they have never been - as a result, it is to practice Entrepreneurship.

Passion for Self-Knowledge: We are sure that Self-Knowledge practice is the main tool for success in all aspects of life. Thus, we encourage People and Organizations to seriously “know” themselves, so they can overcome their main barriers to personal growth and competences development.